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Interview with Dave Rolleston: Turning Excess Inventory Into Cash Donations

Updated: May 30, 2023

The Charity Hub's Founder & CEO Dave Rolleston is interviewed by social impact podcaster Joel Harrison. Joel and Dave talk about the size of the excess inventory problem, how The Charity Hub's Triple Impact liquidation model differs from a traditional liquidation model, finding a renewed sense of impact, and how brokering for impact is an opportunity for so many.

This podcast will interest suppliers AND charities that have been offered and had to decline large product donations due to lack of resources, warehouse space, or in-house expertise. Also read: 4 Ways Your Charity Can Deal with large Product Donations.

Listen to the 44-Minute Podcast on Spotify: The Art of Impact

Note: This podcast was recorded in 2021 when The Charity Hub was just starting out. Since this time, the model has shifted slightly. TCH now donates 50% of its net profits to the charity or Foundation of the supplier's choice.

Within 70 days of its start,

The Charity Hub Created $100K in Charitable Donations

Interview Highlights

[4:05] The point at which Dave’s mindset started shifting around work and impact.

[7:28] What the liquidation world is like.

[11:46] Having to work with multiple stakeholders and how the business case sometimes beats out the philanthropic reasons.

[14:12] The scale of the excess inventory problem and examples of deals The Charity Hub has been involved in.

[19:24] How they choose which charities the money gets donated to.

[22:31] Where does the product go? Do you care what it’s used for or who buys it?

[25:48] Do you consider yourself a social entrepreneur?

[28:20] Why they’ve been able to be so successful in such a short amount of time.

[32:36] The long-term goals and visions that will lead them to new partnerships and opportunities.

[38:14] Advice to other social entrepreneurs to either start with a proven concept or prove your concept before too much investment.

Do you Have Excess Inventory?

If you're a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler or distributor with excess, customer-returned or refurbished inventory, contact us. We'll liquidate it for YOUR favorite cause.

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About The Charity Hub

The Charity Hub (TCH) offers a unique triple-impact liquidation solution that helps companies support their corporate social responsibility and raise their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profile by buying excess, refurbished, and customer-returned inventory and turning it into charitable donations. As a Liquidator for Good, TCH makes it easy for global manufacturers, distributors, retailers, warehouses, and insurers to responsibly liquidate inventory by coordinating all logistics and sales, and then donating 50% of TCH’s net profits to the suppliers’ preferred charity. Our expertise is liquidating inventory, our power is giving back. To learn more about turning excess into impact, contact The Charity Hub.


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