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Liquidator for Good

Since 2021, The Charity Hub has forged the gap between excess inventory and charitable funds. To date, we have contributed over $400,000 to numerous

charities, and we're just getting started! Connect with us to learn more about

becoming our partner and how we can help your organization.

What We Do

For Companies

For Charities


An Innovative Solution to Excess Inventory

Garbage Factory


In today's ever-changing dynamic economy, the importance of efficient inventory management is more critical than ever. The Charity Hub changes the narrative of liquidating or discarding inventory by offering a viable new solution. We deliver a unique strategy that enables companies to amplify the benefit of selling their excess inventory by protecting the planet and enhancing the lives of those in need.

Packages on Shelves


Holding excess inventory has many negative effects throughout your company that need to be mitigated:

  • Negative effect on capital

  • Excessive warehousing costs

  • Unnecessary insurance, and maintenance costs

  • Volatility and uncertainty within the supply chain

What is your strategy to decrease the risk and losses associated with your excess inventory?

How It Works

  • We work with corporate suppliers to IDENTIFY excess inventory

  • We BUY the inventory

  • We ORGANIZE all logistics and freight

  • We SELL the inventory to our GLOBAL customers - without negatively affecting regular distribution channels 

  • We DONATE 50% of our net profits to the charity of YOUR CHOICE

  • YOUR company is relieved of dead stock, improve your CSR and ESG profiles, AND make a difference in your community

Download - How It Works: Procurement & Donations

The Triple Impact Effect


Reducing Excess Inventory

Increasing space and resources for more profitable stock


Generating Charitable Funds


Elevating CSR/ESG Profiles

Diverting excess inventory from landfills, and facilitating sustainable assets

Delivering the most valuable resource a charity can acquire: cash

Our Strength is Liquidating Inventory

Our Power Is Giving Back


Delivering What Charities
Need Most:

All Hands In

A New Fundraising Opportunity

Tap into an entirely new fundraising channel to help support and grow your organization. The Charity Hub is the simplest way to accumulate cash funds for your organization by brokering excess inventory into a direct donation.

Growing Corporate Relationships

Create new, innovative partnerships with corporate donors that will support your organization in a variety of ways. By partnering with The Charity Hub there is exposure to numerous potential corporate partners.

Spreading Awareness

Leverage our partnership to promote your organization's mission and impact on your community. Working with The Charity Hub provides a new opportunity to amplify your organization through our website and social media channels.

We Deliver Much More than a Donation

Maximize the support The Charity Hub provides
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