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The Charity Hub Challenges Corporations to Turn Excess Inventory into Impact for Charity

Retailers and manufacturers can now use their excess inventory as a vehicle to create cash for charitable causes and support corporate social responsibility.

This release was originally published via EINPresswire.

October 12, 2023 - As retailers prepare for the holiday shopping season, many have obsolete, refurbished and customer-returned inventory taking up valuable warehouse space and are looking for a sustainable solution to take care of it. The Charity Hub offers a responsible and strategic liquidation service with a Triple Impact Effect − liquidate, sustain, and donate − that unites corporations and charities to give back to communities and support Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social, and Governance. Suppliers can Liquidate for a Cause.

“With Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, retailers need to make room for new inventory and consider how to get rid of their excess without sending it to the landfill or negatively impacting regular distribution channels,” says Dave Rolleston, Founder & CEO of The Charity Hub. “We also know that many organizations like to give to charity over the holidays. The Charity Hub can help companies do both.”

The Charity Hub responsibly liquidates excess inventory to its global buyer network and donates 50% of its net profits from the product sale, on behalf of the supplier, to the supplier’s preferred charity creating a win-win for everyone. The process is carefully planned to avoid brand dilution and won’t negatively impact regular distribution channels.

Corporate Giving Excess Inventory Challenge

The Charity Hub challenges corporations to re-think their usual excess inventory management strategy and choose to Liquidate for a Cause this holiday season.

With The Charity Hub’s liquidation model, warehouse space will be reclaimed, a product’s life is extended diverting goods from the landfill, and charities receive more cash (not product) to support their community and clients during a time of year when it’s most needed. Corporate suppliers have a good news story to share with investors, employees, and stakeholders while demonstrating good corporate citizenship.

For corporations that want to turn their excess inventory into impact for their favorite cause, contact The Charity Hub, the Liquidator for Good.

About The Charity Hub

The Charity Hub (TCH) provides a service that unites corporations and charities by turning excess inventory into impact. TCH is a Liquidator for Good that helps global manufacturers, distributors, retailers, warehouses, and insurers turn their obsolete, refurbished, and customer-returned inventory into cash donations for charity through responsible and strategic product liquidation. TCH coordinates all inventory logistics, sells goods to its global buyer network, and then donates 50% of its net profits to the suppliers’ chosen cause. TCH’s unique Triple Impact Effect − liquidate, sustain, and donate − helps companies elevate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profiles. To learn more about turning excess into impact, visit The Charity Hub.

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