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Innovative Solution Helps Corporations Achieve CSR / ESG Goals and Solve Excess Inventory Problems

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The Charity Hub’s Triple Impact Liquidation Solution helps companies increase their CSR profile and ESG score by turning excess, obsolete and customer-returned inventory into charitable donations.

Toronto, Canada, December 1, 2022 via EIN PresswireThe Charity Hub (TCH) is a social enterprise specializing in excess inventory and helping global companies re-market inventory responsibly and sustainably. TCH enables corporations to use dead stock as a vehicle to support their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals with measurable results. TCH then donates 50% of its net profits to a charity of the supplier’s choice, to empower their community while fostering employee and customer loyalty.

The Problem

Excess inventory is an ongoing problem for many corporations, resulting in increased carrying costs, employee resources, and the use of valuable warehouse space and logistics. In addition, eCommerce and customer returns have created a growing problem of 5 billion pounds of returned goods ending up in landfills.

“Even the best run global companies have 20-30% of their inventory considered as slow-selling, obsolete, customer-returns or dead stock. This does not mean the product is ready for the landfill and can actually contribute to a circular economy with corporations creating a positive impact both environmentally and socially,” says Dave Rolleston, Founder & CEO of TCH.

How It Works

TCH enables clients to use their inventory to “do good”. TCH educates clients on how they can remarket their problem inventory responsibly without negatively affecting regular distribution channels or causing product dilution.

Corporations can sell or consign products with TCH acting as an external salesforce and advisor to clients without any direct costs. TCH organizes all logistics and freight for the supplier, provides relevant market insight and sells products to its global customer base, and then donates 50% of net profits with transparent, quantifiable reporting.

TCH helps suppliers improve these ESG metrics defined by the PWC ESG Framework: green operations, waste disposal and diversion, packaging, supporting a sustainable supply chain, community empowerment, ethical business model, transparency and reporting, and partnership.

Corporations partner with TCH to advance their CSR and ESG goals with measurable progress while creating a virtuous circle for all stakeholders.

About The Charity Hub

The Charity Hub (TCH) offers a unique Triple Impact Liquidation Solution that helps companies support their corporate social responsibility and raise their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profile by turning excess and unwanted inventory into charitable donations. As a Broker for Good, TCH makes it easy for global manufacturers, distributors, retailers, warehouses, and insurers to responsibly liquidate inventory by coordinating all logistics and sales and then donating 50% of TCH’s net profits to the suppliers’ preferred charity. In 18 months’ time, The Charity Hub has created close to $500,000 in charitable funds and prevented hundreds of trailer loads from ending up in landfills. Our expertise is moving inventory, our power is giving back. To learn more about turning excess into impact and liquidating for a good cause, contact The Charity Hub.

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The Charity Hub

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