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4 Ways Your Charity Can Deal with Large Product Donations

Charities are all about their cause and the difference they make in the lives of those they serve. Charities would be unable to do what they do if they didn’t have two key resources: volunteers and money!

You can never have enough of either so it can be difficult to not look a gift horse in the mouth – meaning, you shouldn’t criticize a gift! Unfortunately, this can happen when the charity donation is from a supplier with a large product 'gift' in kind.

The intention of the supplier is always good (to support the cause); however, these product donations can create BIG challenges for charitiesbut NO LONGER!

Volume product donations are now EASY for charities...

with the help of The Charity Hub

Charity Options

It’s hard to not get excited when a local manufacturer or retailer calls you to say “Hey, I have 20,000 brand-new flashlights I’d like to donate?”

Yikes! What do you do now?

Here are common replies PLUS the NEWEST option - The Charity Hub:

1. Accept All with a Smile

For larger charities, receiving a large product donation could be wonderful because they may actually have the warehouse space and human resources to receive it, tag it and sell it through a thrift store, marketing promotion, or their professional network. However, most charities know that accepting a volume donation comes with lots of coordination and logistics which they may or may not have the in-house expertise to manage. In fact, if your charity relies heavily on volunteer support then efficiently receiving products and figuring out how to create cash from it can be very difficult.

The other challenge with accepting volume donations is having the warehouse capacity to store the goods! Non-profits always run on a tight budget and warehouse space costs money so charities rarely have the office or warehouse space to store goods... or staff, infrastucture, or expertise.

2. Agree to Take Some (but not all)

Some non-profits may accept a small product donation of say 50 or 100 flashlights because it’s what they can reasonably receive, store, promote and sell with a low-cost social media campaign, store sale, or email campaign.

It's a better option than #3 but still far from ideal and, a missed opportunity!

3. Just Say No (to all)

Unfortunately, this is what is most common for charities for the reasons noted above. It’s just too much expense, time, resources, and hassle to receive goods that could take months (or even years) to move out of their space and actually create cash.

Sometimes the effort outweighs the benefit - UNTIL NOW!

4. Partner with The Charity Hub *NEW*

Fortunately, charities now have a NEW option that enables them to say YES to big product donations with the help of The Charity Hub (TCH) – a Liquidation Broker for Good.

This option requires NO COST to the charity, NO STORAGE, and almost NO EFFORT by charity resources with NO HASSLE.

One Call To Get Started

The process is easy:

  • The Charity simply contacts TCH when they are offered product donations.

  • TCH assesses liquidation options through its approved global Buyer network and informs the Charity when a buyer is confirmed.

  • TCH coordinates product pickup, logistics and pays shipping costs.

  • Once TCH has successfully liquidated the product and receives payment from the Buyer (typically 30-90 days), TCH donates 50% of its net profits to the Charity that initiated the transaction.

  • The Charity provides tax receipt to The Charity Hub.

It’s that easy!


When charities partner with TCH, the heavy lifting and costs for large product donations are all taken care of. Now charities can say YES to volume donations and easily create cash for their cause with a simple call to The Charity Hub.

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About The Charity Hub

The Charity Hub (TCH) offers a unique triple-impact liquidation solution that helps companies support their corporate social responsibility and raise their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profile by buying excess, refurbished, and customer-returned inventory and turning it into charitable donations. As a Broker for Good, TCH makes it easy for global manufacturers, distributors, retailers, warehouses, and insurers to responsibly liquidate inventory by coordinating all logistics and sales, and then donating 50% of TCH’s net profits to the suppliers’ preferred charity. In 18 months’ time The Charity Hub has created close to $500,000 in charitable funds and prevented hundreds of trailer loads from ending up in landfills. Our expertise is moving inventory, our power is giving back. To learn more about turning excess into impact and liquidating for a good cause, contact The Charity Hub.


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