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JCorp Partners With The Charity Hub Donating Over 1.3M Units Of Apparel to Raise Charitable Funds

Updated: May 31, 2023

Gurman Twins Group Of Companies Partner With The Charity Hub Donating Over 1.3 Million Units Of Apparel & Masks To Raise Charitable Funds

Excess inventory donation creates charitable funds and marks the official launch of its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Read the announcement below and on PR Newswire.

JCorp Logo

NEW YORK and MONTREAL, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- JCorp, Inc., ADTN International Ltd., Moniker, Inc. and Mask Army, four of North America's leading fashion apparel suppliers, owned by twin brothers, Jon and Marvin Gurman, have made a tremendous Corporate Social Responsibility commitment by establishing the JCorp Foundation, a program that will use their actual apparel product lines as a means to raise charitable funds. Participating brands within their portfolios include Hollywood Jeans, Seven Oaks, H4X, ESX360, Mask Army and PNB Nation and many more. The Gurman's companies combined hold over 50 entertainment, character and music apparel licenses and were the first to bring esports apparel brands to North America.

Photo of Marvin Gurman and Jon Wayne Gurman
Marvin Gurman and Jon Wayne Gurman

Since January 2021, in collaboration with The Charity Hub, the twins' companies have donated over 1.3 million units of apparel and accessories, which created tens of thousands of dollars that will be used to help charities including Habitat for Humanity and the Montreal Heart Institute, among others. The Charity Hub, a British Columbia-based company, partners with corporations like JCorp, ADTN, Moniker and Mask Army, to turn their excess inventory into cash after which a large portion is donated to a cause or charity of their choice. The Charity Hub partnership helped the Gurmans' companies reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly by reducing the energy used in wasted warehouse space, reducing transportation trips, and keeping excess product out of the landfill.

Jon Wayne Gurman, Founder and CEO, stated, "It is important to our Companies, our employees and to us, personally, to be able to identify opportunities to give back in our community and to the world at large. We've always considered ourselves philanthropic but now that we have created a formal initiative, in partnership with The Charity Hub, we will be able to meet our ambitious goals while doing the most good for others through the JCorp Foundation."

Dave Rolleston, CEO & Founder, The Charity Hub, added, "We are thrilled to be able to help another great international corporation with their inventory. The Charity Hub provides a triple impact solution for many different types of corporations by helping them reduce excess inventory, create charitable funds for the causes they support, and improve their environmental sustainability goals." Rolleston continued, "It is exciting for The Charity Hub to partner with the Gurmans' international group of companies. The size and scale of this project meant tremendous impact for a number of great causes. It's an incredible feeling for both the corporate donor and The Charity Hub when the 'donation button' is hit and the funds reach the charity or foundation directly. We look forward to this next venture together and can't wait to see who we can help next."

The Charity Hub is asking all corporations to "Liquidate For a Cause" and donate or deeply discount their items to The Charity Hub so together charitable funds for the causes or foundations can be generated.


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