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We Create Charitable Funds by Liquidating Excess Inventory

$400,000 Donated!

since 2021

Liquidate. Sustain. Support.

We Make It Easy to Help Others

The Charity Hub is changing the way our partners in manufacturing, retail, and beyond manage the age-old challenge of excess inventory. With over 25 years of experience in off-price retailing, we’ve created a unique solution that transforms excess, obsolete, and customer-returned inventory into something very powerful:

Cash donations for charity!

The Charity Hub liquidates excess inventory in all categories and donates 50% of our net profits to the charity of the suppliers’ choice.  Our Triple Impact Effect supports corporate philanthropy and helps improve a company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profiles. 


Our strength is efficiently moving inventory, our power is giving back to those who need it most and protecting our planet from unnecessary waste. Discover What We Do.

Liquidate For a Cause

Collaborating with The Charity Hub not only simplifies the process of reducing excess inventory; it also creates charitable funds, benefits the environment, and enhances your brand's philanthropic initiatives.

Trash Picking


By 2026 the projected value of excess inventory in landfills from e-commerce alone will reach $750 billion.

The Charity Hub helps reduce waste by selling excess inventory through our channels and then donates 50% of net profits to global charities.

Financial Reports

Brand Protection

The Charity Hub understands the sensitivity of brands selling products through off-price sales channels.

We diligently protect brand dilution to ensure regular-priced sales are

not impacted. 

Go Team


The Charity Hub is a for-profit business with the spirit of a non-profit.

Partnering with us enables your company to join us on our journey to “give back” while simultaneously elevating your CSR & ESG profiles.  

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