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STOP Disposing Dead Stock in the Landfill – Create Cash for Charity

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

We frequently reach out to manufacturers, warehouses, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers to tell them they DON’T need to take their dead stock to landfill! There IS a new solution where you CAN create a positive impact in your community from your excess. Let’s explain.

What is Dead Stock / Deadstock / Dead Inventory?

Shopify’s definition of dead stock is inventory that doesn’t turn over – that doesn’t sell but remains in inventory [Read 5 Types of Dead Stock Wanted by Direct Liquidation Stores and Brokers] and warehouse shelves, forgotten but still useful, taking up expensive warehouse space. There are many causes of excess inventory with ways to improve it but eliminating it altogether is tricky. Unfortunately, even well-run companies have deadstock or obsolete inventory – anywhere from 20-30%.

Dead Stock Disaster!

Dead stock is also a growing problem with the rapid adoption of e-Commerce, disposable attitudes, and the creation and consumption of so much stuff! That’s why it’s called ‘consumer’ products!

Unfortunately, we have a very real waste problem.

What about increasing customer returns?

Who hasn’t bought three of the same product in different colors and/or sizes to go home and later decide you just want to keep one?! As a consumer, you think (and hope), your returned products don’t end up in the landfill but you just never know! In fact, it’s estimated that about 6 billion pounds still ends up in landfills EACH YEAR.

What to do with Dead Stock?

Let’s face it, companies want to avoid the landfill altogether as nobody feels good about adding useable goods to the junk pile. Companies typically try other tactics first and the landfill is the last resort.

Organizations may:

  • Run a promotion or blowout sales with discounts

  • Bundle it with other products as a ‘give away” (buy one, get one free)

  • Liquidate it through a broker or closeout business for a significant discount.

  • Donate to charity – the donor gets a tax write off and the goods are diverted from the landfill; however, oftentimes charities can’t accept large volume product donations. Read 4 Ways Your Charity Can Deal with Large Product Donations.

  • Sell products to consignment stores

3PL Stuck with Stuff?

We hear about third-party logistics companies that are stuck with inventory from past clients. Such a hassle and expensive problem to deal with. Warehouse space is expensive and in short supply so you just want stock gone, fast – the landfill is often the easiest solution until now…

New Solution to Divert Inventory from the Landfill

Now, there's The Charity Hub!

After a 20+ year career in closeout and liquidations, our Founder and CEO Dave Rolleston decided to flip his successful liquidation business to become a Liquidator for Good and launched The Charity Hub in 2021.

The Charity Hub turns excess into impact by diverting goods from the landfill and creating cash for charity! Dave started with a goal to raise $100K in charitable donations and he reached it in 65 days!

About the Charity Hub

The Charity Hub is a ‘Liquidator for Good’ interested in buying excess, obsolete, refurbished, or customer-returned inventory currently taking up valuable warehouse space. We take care of all the logistics and sell the inventory to our approved global buyer network WITHOUT negatively affecting your regular distribution channels.

There is NO cost to suppliers or charities for the service.

We then donate 50% of OUR net profits to the supplier’s favorite charity/Foundation providing companies with a great public relations opportunity, avoiding the landfill, helping others in the community, and supporting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) strategies. We provide transparent reporting for use in CSR and ESG reporting.

Ideal Inventory

You may be wondering if we have a preferred inventory. We typically look for no-cost or extremely low-cost inventory that suppliers have written off or written down and want to ‘liquidate for a cause’. Oftentimes this inventory would otherwise end up in the landfill.

The lower the cost we pay, means more money for your favorite charity! Some suppliers provide products basically free allowing us to make a major impact to their chosen cause.

We’ll liquidate most new, refurbished, and customer-returned consumer products including appliances, electronics, tools, in-date health and personal products, apparel, and beyond.

Send us your inventory manifest and we’ll let you if we can help!

Why Companies Like Working with The Charity Hub

We work with all types of organizations and they like partnering with us for these reasons:

  • Good Cause - We’re creating cash for charity – not subsidizing the broker’s Ferrari.

  • Transparency

    • Suppliers know what TCH sells the inventory for by the amount we donate on your behalf. We’ll share what we paid for the product, shipping, and in-house expenses. Read: How It Works – Procurement and Donation.

    • Suppliers know what we did with their product. If we can’t sell it, then we’ll speak with you and recommend how we can responsibly move it (recycle, donate, etc.)

  • We’re a True Business Partner

    • Call us about your inventory and we can figure out what to do with it together. Our team of liquidation experts will answer any questions.

    • If we have any roadblocks with the distribution restrictions YOU provide us, we’ll call you and tell you so.

    • Suppliers treat us like an extension of their sales team.

    • We can schedule and review your excess inventory on a regular basis (e.g. quarterly, annually, etc.) and work through it together to determine the best liquidation options.

    • We have the infrastructure to receive, sort, repackage and liquidate customer returns too.


If you’ve tried all other tactics to reduce your dead stock, contact The Charity Hub before disposing and we’ll put your excess inventory to good in your community.

Liquidate for a Cause

Our Strength is Liquidating Inventory | Our Power is Giving Back

About The Charity Hub

The Charity Hub (TCH) offers a unique triple-impact liquidation solution that helps companies support their corporate social responsibility and raise their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profile by buying excess, refurbished, and customer-returned inventory and turning it into charitable donations. As a Liquidator for Good, TCH makes it easy for global manufacturers, distributors, retailers, warehouses, and insurers to responsibly liquidate inventory by coordinating all logistics and sales, and then donating 50% of TCH’s net profits to the suppliers’ preferred charity. Our expertise is liquidating inventory, our power is giving back. To learn more about turning excess into impact, contact The Charity Hub.


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