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14 Questions to Ask Your Liquidator and Wholesale Liquidation Broker

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Overstocked, obsolete, and customer-returned inventory is a common problem for retailers. COVID has wreaked havoc on supply chains and consumers are slowing their spending after seeing their post-holiday credit card bills and dealing with rapid inflation. So excess inventory is everywhere.

For many retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers, they need this extra inventory out of their warehouses FAST - to prepare for a new season or just need to ‘clean house’ so they rely on Liquidators and Wholesale Liquidation Brokers to move this inventory. Read: Why Retailers are Pushing Overstock Inventory into the Secondary Market.

With an increasing interest in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, many organizations are paying more careful attention to their business practices including product liquidation.

If you’re a retailer or manufacturer that currently partners with liquidators and brokers, or plans to, you may want to consider asking the following questions as part of your due diligence to make sure you find the right liquidation partner.

Questions To Ask

1. How long have you been in the business?

2. What makes you unique compared to other liquidators?

3. What product categories do you handle?

-New products



4. If you handle customer returns, do you have the infrastructure to receive, sort, repackage and/or relabel and liquidate? (reverse logistics)

5. What products do you prefer? (e.g. apparel, electronics, tools, etc.)

6. What products do you avoid?

7. How do professionally represent our products and brand in the marketplace?

8. How do you ensure liquidation of these product(s) doesn’t dilute our brand or negatively impact our regular distribution channels?

9. Where do you sell to? (local, regional, national, international)

10. What do you do with products you can’t sell?

-Do you recycle/upcycle?



11. What are your sustainability practices?

12. What kind of buyers do you work with?

13. Tell us about any corporate social responsibility and/or ESG initiatives.

14. Is there a minimum quantity of inventory you prefer?

Download these questions in our editable Word questionnaire you can tailor and use in your discovery process.

Liquidator Questionnaire Template_Compliments of TCH
Download DOCX • 1.58MB

Looking for a Liquidation Partner?

There are many liquidators and brokers out there (see details below); however, there is a NEW solution for companies that want to make a positive impact in the community with excess inventory - The Charity Hub is a Liquidator for Good.

Liquidate for a Cause

The Charity Hub will BUY your excess, obsolete, refurbished & customer-returned inventory and responsibly liquidate it WITHOUT impacting your regular distribution channels or dumping it in the landfill. We then donate 50% of OUR net profits from the sale creating CHARITABLE DONATIONS for YOUR company’s favorite non-profit or Foundation. YOU Choose the Cause!

We make it easy to do some GOOD, AVOID the landfill with NO cost and LOW effort for your company PLUS provide a GREAT PR opportunity and support your CSR/ESG goals! Learn more about What We Do or check out these resources:

Download an editable Word questionnaire with our answers for easy reference.

Find a Liquidation Company

If you're still looking for a partner, just do a google search for these common keywords:

  • liquidation companies

  • liquidators

  • wholesale liquidation

  • direct liquidation

  • liquidation companies near me

  • list of liquidation companies

Lists of Liquidators

We also found these companies. Listed in no particular order:

United States


Additional Resources:

Ready to Liquidate with Us?

About The Charity Hub

The Charity Hub (TCH) offers a unique triple-impact liquidation solution that helps companies support their corporate social responsibility and raise their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profile by buying excess, refurbished, and customer-returned inventory and turning it into charitable donations. As a Liquidator for Good, TCH makes it easy for global manufacturers, distributors, retailers, warehouses, and insurers to responsibly liquidate inventory by coordinating all logistics and sales, and then donating 50% of TCH’s net profits to the suppliers’ preferred charity. Our expertise is liquidating inventory, our power is giving back. To learn more about turning excess into impact, contact The Charity Hub.


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