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Great Buy: Biodegradable Lissa Clean Disinfecting Wipes - 100% Plastic-Free

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Germs never go away! Two truckloads of Canadian-made Lissa Disinfecting Wipes (80-wipe soft packs) available for purchase at a great price! Distribution in Canada only.

Product Details

Lissa Clean 100% Plastic-Free Disinfecting Wipes

- Kills harmful bacteria and germs

- Active ingredient: Benzalkonium chloride 1.5% w/w

- Citrus Scent

- 100% plastic-free wipes. Most wipes on the market are made with plastic resins (polyester, polypropylene, etc.). Lissa wipes are made with viscose, a wood-based cellulosic fiber produced from natural raw material wood sustainably sourced from Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

- Registered with Health Canada: DIN 02505029

- New product with No Expiry

Quantity Available

80-Wipe Soft Packs

Total Quantity Available: 2 Truckloads

Minimum Order: 14 Pallets

Your Cost Per Unit: $0.50 or best offer

Make An Offer

Contact us today for more details or to make an offer.

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